Titanic: The Complete Story is a single DVD available from the History Channel Home Video. This is a compilation of a four hour documentary special produced by A&E Television Networks in 1994. A&E Home Video originally sold the entire documentary in a 4-tape VHS set. It is considered by many critics and historians to be the definitive documentary regarding the RMS Titanic.

The documentaryEdit

The documentary was narrated by actor David McCallum and began with a quote from first-class passenger Jack Thayer. Rare interviews with some of the few remaining Titanic survivors, including Edith Brown, Eva Hart and Millvina Dean, discussions with leading historical authorities on the sinking, including Charles Haas, John Eaton, Ken Marschall, Don Lynch and Robert Ballard, and excerpts from survivor's writings and newspaper articles accompanied McCallum's telling of the story.

Critics were impressed by certain camera tricks used throughout the program. For instance, a static image of the ship slowly panned across the screen, overlaid atop videotaped footage of an ocean view, simulating footage of the ship sailing in real time.

Titanic: Death of a DreamEdit

Titanic: Death of a Dream encapsulateed the first two hours. It told the story of the origins of Titanic, from its conception and construction, to its maiden voyage, leading up to the initial collision with the iceberg that would ultimately sink the ship.

Titanic: The Legend Lives OnEdit

Titanic: The Legend Lives On was the second half. This part concentrated on the ship's sinking, its immediate aftermath, and discovery in 1985 by Dr. Robert Ballard.

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